Be a Word Collector!

Establishing and maintaining an excitement about vocabulary in the primary classroom must begin with books.  Whether delving deep into the nuances of a few words with explicit teaching, or playing with a plethora of words to stretch and create breadth, choosing tier two words from a quality text provides an essential anchor and context for […]

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Digging deep: Vocabulary teaching is not just about breadth.

So here it is. In addition to the rich implicit language teaching that came as part of our curriculum, we decided to teach three 10 – 15 minute direct, discreet explicit vocabulary sessions a week where the children would learn to master a word – to get to know it and all its nuances and subtleties to a depth where they could apply it precisely in a range of contexts.

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Learning to love challenge

Why Do Some Children Relish Challenge While Others Crumble, And What Can We Do About It?   I’m in the unusually privileged position of having spent most of my career at either end of the primary school. I’m often asked which I prefer, Reception or Y6? My answer is usually along the lines of, “You […]

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